Tuesday, 11 November 2014


Dear Prospective Student/Housemate of Ivana House,

We hereby wish to welcome you to our facility. We hope that you will be very happy staying here .In the event of you being unhappy, please feel free to contact us on the following numbers:041-5835014 or cell: 0834541039/55 (these calls can be made from the house phone for our account). We have included the contract that must be initialed on every page by the Student and the Parent/Guardian, and at the end of the contract signed in full.  The Parent/Guardian must also sign attached surety document in full. We have also included the rules of the house to insure that it remains a pleasure to study at Ivana. All the best with your studies and we hope that you will make Ivana proud!


Kind regards,


Hendrik & Charis Beukes.


Payment schedule
New students may lose their room if the 1st installment is not paid on time
On Signing Contract
Deposit or 50% of deposit paid (secure room) if not yet held by us
15th January 2014
 Installment 1 of 11 and Full Balance of Deposit
15th February 2014
Installment 2 of 11
15th March 2014
Installment 3 of 11
15th April 2014
Installment 4 of 11
15th May 2014
Installment 5 of 11
15th June 2014
Installment 6 of 11
15th July 2014
Installment 7 of 11
15th August 2014
Installment 8 of 11
15th September 2014
Installment 9 of 11
15th October 2014
Installment 10 of 11
15th November 2014
Installment 11 of 11
15th December2014
or on vacating rooms
Inspection of rooms – refund of deposits (within 14 days of vacating Rooms) where applicable minus R250 for cleaning & painting of room.(If deemed necessary)